A web series about an idiot with a time machine


“Ramsey Has a Time Machine” follows the misadventures of an idiot who uses the awesome power of time travel for stupid and selfish reasons. The six-episode series is the creation of writer, UCB alum, and giant nerd, Ramsey Ess.

With each trip through time, Ramsey meets strange (and often historical) characters played by members of the New York comedy scene, including Julie Klausner, Josh Gondelman, and many more.



Season 1 Episode 1


Ramsey Ess as Ramsey
Michael Hartney as Colonial John
John Murray as Samuel Adams

Colonial Compatriots
Keith Barker
Mark Perini

Bar Trivia Team
Jesse Feldman
Reed Loar
Adam Maid
Darin Quan
Chris Spooner
Mike Varley
Angela Workoff
Mike Yagnow


Ramsey Ess - Writer

Ramsey Ess is a writer and comedian living in Brooklyn. He is a freelance writer for ”Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update, a weekly columnist on old TV for Splitsider, and co-host of the podcast “Wonderful Thanks.” He has also written for number of Maude teams and sketch shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York.

Chris Donahue - Director

Chris Donahue is a writer and content creator for the Internet. He is the creator, director, editor and star of My Damn Channel’s “How to Be a Man” series and its forthcoming sequel “Chris & Sami Present How to Live Together.”

Justin Dise - Director of Photography and Editor

Justin Dise is a cinematographer, colorist, and reader of Young Adult fantasy. He has participated in a number of 48 Hour Film Projects. He is also the biggest fan of football (the soccer kind) from America that I’ve ever met.

Heather Shae Hynes - Designer

Heather Hynes is a graphic designer in Brooklyn, NY. She currently works for Gawker Media, and takes on freelance projects from time to time, like this fancy website.

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Here are all the outtakes, behind-the-scenes material, and other stuff to tide you over for the inevitable season three!

"Art" Storyboard Comparison
Improvs and Make-em-Ups Ep. 1
Improvs and Make-em-Ups Ep. 2


Email Ramsey: timemachine@ramseyess.com

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